Our Story

ModCraft was started by Industrial Designer David Clark in his Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment, 16 years ago. As interest in his porcelain tile and lighting business grew, he relocated the handmade tile operation to a barn studio he built in Hudson Valley’s Beacon, New York. There he and his wife Mary St. John are able to design and hand make their products in a larger volume.

ModCraft produces sophisticated handmade dimensional wall tile using high-fire porcelain clay. Light plays across the tile’s glazes and modular surface patterns to create a dynamic visual effect. The result is elegant porcelain tile with a contemporary and modern feel.

*Please call to confirm current production times.

Please contact us directly at info@mod-craft.com or 718-541-1160 for your sales inquiries.

ModCraft and the Environment

ModCraft strives to operate as environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle all our packing materials and only pack our tile in recycled corrugated cardboard or cornstarch peanut material. We reuse clay and glaze to reduce waste and we sell or donate leftover material to local mosaic artists and children’s projects. Likewise, our operation is within the 500 mile LEED radius of many East Coast construction projects.

Ceramic tile is a low impact product due to its inert state once fired. All our materials are made of non-toxic components and are lead free.